Dougs Saddle Shop Logo "Welcome to Doug's Saddle Shop. I'm Doug Davis, and I'd like to thank you for stopping by."
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Doug makes custom, hand crafted saddles and horse gear for today's working cowboy, trail rider, and pleasure horse owner. Made in the time honored tradition of Western style and function, Doug's commitment to quality, comfort, and reliability is reflected in each and every saddle he makes. "Our number one goal here is to satisfy our customer," says Doug. "We work hard every day with that commitment in mind."

Custom Saddles and Tack - Built to last, made with pride.

Hand Crafted From Start To Finish

While it's true that many saddles are made using large machinery, presses, and pre-shaped cutting dies, all of Doug's saddles are truly hand crafted. "We don't even own a clicker press," remarks Doug. "All of our saddles are cut, fit, and finished by hand."

From start to finish, every saddle is made with a clear understanding of our customer's needs, a saddle tree made from wood and covered in rawhide for strength and durability, quality made hardware, and the finest domestic leathers money can buy. "All of our saddles start pretty much the same way. We gather all of the materials together, the saddle tree, leather and hardware, and then we start to work. From this point on, it's all about experience, and an eye for detail".

Quality Tack And Horse Gear

In addition to top quality custom saddles, Doug's Saddle Shop makes top quality horse tack and other related items used by today's equine owners. From headstalls and reins to chaps and chinks, all of Doug's tack is made using the same high quality leather and hardware that is used to make a top quality custom saddle. "Our focus in making tack and horse gear is to provide our customers with tack that will stand up to the test of time and hard use".

Pride Of Ownership

Doug Davis is a craftsman that takes pride in his work. As he makes a saddle he visualizes his customer using that saddle with pride. Riding with a head held high and a smile on their face knowing they have the right equipment for the task. Doug calls this pride of ownership and to him it's as important as the saddles he delivers to his clients.